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Our Brands - Nineteen 87

Introducing a new concept in pet food, traceable from farm to bowl. Baked in our St. Asaph’s bakery to lock in the goodness using locally sourced ingredients and 50% meat (No MBM), Nineteen 87 delivers a superior taste like no other.

It’s important to us to know where our food is from and in sourcing the finest ingredients for Nineteen 87 we made sure our meat and salmon came from real farms we trust and can actually visit if we want to. So, every tasty mouthful is packed full of natural, nutritious and balanced goodness, so your dog gets exactly what they need from every meal.

Why Baked

Who doesn’t love baking? The smells and tastes are just the best. That’s why we decided to make our dog food in a way like no other.

Using the finest ingredients from farms here in the UK, we take care to get the right mixture for a taste sensation – just like an irresistible loaf or delicious Victoria sponge.

Created by Graham and crafted at our bakery in St Asaph’s, Wales, our way of cooking is a much kinder and more natural process than extrusion, a mass production process. And allows it to brown by what’s known as the Maillard reaction, which locks in the goodness of essential ingredients and gives real flavour (there’s no need to add flavour enhancers) and an extra crunchy texture too.

The Finest Natural Ingredients

We use 50% fresh meat, fish or poultry, all sourced from within the UK and only add natural carbohydrates, vegetables and botanical vitamins and minerals.

We have added tasty and nutritious plants and extracts to ensure that your dog gets much needed vitamins and minerals to keep them looking and feeling in top condition.

Our British Beef and Welsh Lamb are Grain Free, meaning no wheat, maize, rice, barley or oats. This healthy food is suitable for all types of dogs but particularly those with sensitivities to wheat and grains that can cause common intolerances.

For a superfood, try out the Scottish Salmon or Welsh Chicken to add an extra bounce to their step.

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