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Animal Day: Does my pet love me back? – Vet Dr Scott Miller answers your question

With World Animal Day around the corner, sharing a love of animals has never been more important. But we know we love our little lions and perfect pooches, but do they love us?

Expert vet Dr Scott Miller, with natural dog food brand Barking Heads, aims to answer that very questions and shed some light on how to know if your pet loves you as much as you love them.

When it comes to dogs, they may be more apparent with their feelings as they are more energetic and cuddlier in nature but do you know the reason why?

Dr Scott has this to say about our connections with dogs:

“Our relationship with dogs is symbiotic.

Dogs have been human companions for thousands of years, and this symbiotic relationship has become a powerful, ingrained and long lasting one. Dogs are pack animals, and yearn the company of others, hence why they actively enjoy and seek relationships with others. People being the resource providers of the relationship are of course great company for a young dog getting to grips with living in the human world, with their guidance and offering of food repaid with a lifetime of a canine's unconditional love.”

When it comes to cats, we all know they can be a little more difficult to read in terms of whether they love us or not. Dog owners being quick to say that’s why dogs are the better pet, because they show it more. But Dr Scott has something to say about that:

“Cats are independent.

Cats are solitary animals, and therefore are naturally more comfortable in their company and don't need the reassurance of a pack that dogs do. But cats are also intelligent, and appreciate that living with humans has it perks, while enjoying the attention and adoration given by them. Anyone that has owned a cat will tell you that felines are loving creatures, they are maybe just more discerning than their canine counterparts, deigning to shower their adoration and love on the very special few.”

And there you have it. Whether you choose to share your life with either a loving lab, or a more selective siamese we're delighted to be able to show our pets how much we adore them by making sure their bowls are full of tasty food. Why not shop our Meowing Heads range of cat food and Barking Heads  dog food to pick up something extra special for the four-legged lady or gent in your life.